Does Lyla's Cafe Creperie Serve the Best Burger in NYC?



We're always skeptical when someone starts making "best burger" proclamations, but any blog that uses the tag "Corner Bistro is overrated" deserves the benefit of the doubt when making such a bold claim. From Zeitgeisty:

The meat - ordered medium rare - was perfectly cooked and expertly seasoned. As I bit into it, the velvety beef combined with the firm brioche, crisp onion and my own saliva instantly delivering me to the absolute pinnacle of gustatory ecstasy. Size-wise, it is on the smaller side, not as miniscule as a slider, yet definitely not a ‘house burger’. As far as ‘patty manageability’ goes, this is not a messy proposition. The juices, although plentiful are not exceedingly so, and the bun retained its firmness nicely - never falling apart in soggy resignation. I chose not to add any condiments to my sandwich, rather wanting to taste the beef in an unadorned state. Luckily, nothing additional was required, as the seasoning was subtle yet sophisticated - the complex savory overtones achieving a perfect harmony with the delicate sweetness of the brioche. I’m also pleased to say in these tough economic times, at $9.99 - for the burger, fries and salad - it was not a bank-breaker.

Anyone else out there second Zeitgeisty's rec?

Lyla's Cafe Creperie

1270 Amsterdam Avenue, New York NY 10027 (b/n 122nd and 123rd; map)

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