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This Heart Attack Grill link seems to be making the rounds, with both Robyn Lee and I getting bombarded with emails. So, to appease and please the beefy masses, here you go. We are officially blogging it. CBS visits the Chandler, Arizona, restaurant in this video.

The Heart Attack Grill, for those who haven't been, is a joint that has its waitresses dress up like hot nurses, its other staff like doctors. It doesn't have customers, it has "patients." You get a hospital-like wristband with your order, indicating what size burger you've opted for—Single Bypass (single patty) up to the towering Quadruple Bypass (quad). They have an all-you-can-eat fry bar instead of a salad bar. (And, oh, those spuds are fried in lard.)

So that's the skinny. The video appears after the jump.

Heart Attack Grill Video

Bonus: Rant Time

I've never been to the Heart Attack Grill, but I can say that I am not a fan.

That's because one of my pet peeves* as a longtime burger blogger is when someone describes a burger as "a heart attack on a plate" or makes a remark such as, "I feel my arteries hardening already."

Yeah, like nobody's ever come up with those wisecracks before, genius.

If you've got half a brain, you're aware of the health risks of eating burgers. And if you've got a modicum of self-control, you can avoid binging on them to mitigate those risks.

For that reason, I've resisted the urge to blog this crap up on AHT. We only first mentioned the Heart Attack Grill in September 2008, even though I've known about it since it opened. But I have bowed to the pressure. You have beaten me down.

* Another is when I post an "autopsy shot" of a medium-rare burger on my Flickr photo stream only to get comments from people who say "Ew, gross, too pink for me!"

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