And It Smells Nothing Like Burgers


Thanks to Nick Solares, who picked up some vials of Burger King's Flame body spray, we were all able to get a whiff and issue these smelling notes. I waved the vial under the noses of a handful of folks:

Gordon: "It smells like cologne."

Michele: "Like aftershave. It smells like a hetero man trying to be even more hetero."

My girlfriend: "Like a truckstop bathroom air freshener."

Raphael: "It smells like this G.I. Joe action figure I had that would spit out a liquid you filled it with. Or like this girl I dated in junior high who had a leather jacket that smelled just like that."

I think it smells like Lincoln Logs—a weird musky combination of pine and tar. Nobody surveyed thought it registered any hint of meat. Though I would love to know what Chandler Burr thinks of it.

And I learned from the survey that I should probably stick to Brut if I want to keep the girlfriend happy.


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