Two weekends ago when I visited Philadelphia I used Joy Manning's Philadelphia recommendations as a fooding guide. Of course, that meant hitting up Good Dog for one of their Roquefort-stuffed, caramelized onion-topped burgers, even if that meant dragging my vegetarian friend along (he was a good sport!). Check out this autopsy shot, after the jump.


Although a necessity for the purposes of this blog, cutting the burger in half and unleashing a river of molten cheese is probably not a good idea. I'm sad to say that I was a bit disappointed by the burger, but then it probably would've tasted better if I hadn't spent the time attempting to stuff the gooey cheese back into the meaty cavity. Considering that one of my favorite parts of a burger is the warm, juicy, pink center—which in this case is replaced with funky blue cheese—it's possible that I'm adverse to all cheese-stuffed burgers (this was my first). Don't get me wrong; I love molten cheese with meat (who doesn't?), but I think I prefer it on my burger, not inside it. The patty was cooked more done than I would've preferred; maybe I should've asked for rare instead of medium-rare.

I did like that it came with a mix of sweet potato and regular potato fries. Alas, AHT founder Adam Kuban would probably disapprove.

Maybe my not-so-succulent burger was a fluke. Food critic Craig LaBan of the Philadelphia Inquirer loves the Good Dog burger so much that he sang about it in this song (and epic video) he wrote about his favorite cheeseburgers. Watch the madness below.

'Cheeseburger, I Hold' by Craig LaBan

Good Dog Bar and Restaurant

224 South 15th Street, Philadelphia PA 19102 (map)


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