Editor's note: AHT reader Chris Zelenak channeled his inner Paula Deen by making his own glazed doughnut bacon egg cheeseburgers. Here's his description and recipe.


Photographs by Matthew Rogers

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersMy boss had been talking for weeks about trying the Badaboomz doughnut burger, a glazed doughnut burger served at the Badaboomz chain. My curiosity piqued at the idea of a doughnut burger, I decided to bring in my skillet to work and cook up a few for lunch one day and see if his interest was purely academic, or if he'd really eat one of these things.

In my trying to find the technique of other people who've made these burgers, I came across your site; I think I erred more towards the Badaboomz / sliced-side-grilled method, as opposed to the ones as pictured in your story on Google burgers (they look pretty damn good, though). I diverged a bit from what I saw in the existing doughnut burgers with the inclusion of the fried egg (egg in a hat style), though, as well as some meat changes that candied up the burger itself.

- Chris Zelenak

To get started making your own doughnut burgers, check out Chris's recipe and the doughnut burger photo gallery.

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