This weekend during brunch my friend's friend regaled us with a recent story about how while driving out of a parking lot, a stranger outside the car frantically tried to get his attention. He almost wrote her off as a crazy woman, but gave into her persistence instead and rolled down his window.

"You left your wallet over there!" she said.

He got out of the car to check. Yes, there was a wallet; alas, it wasn't his. "This was the only thing inside," he said dramatically, while pulling a card out of the wallet:



So Good has has the full scoop on Burger King's "lost wallet" marketing scheme, explaining that, aside from the driver's license, each plain black wallet contain real money ($1 to $100), a Burger King gift card ($5 to $20), and a map to Burger Kings in the city. has more photos of the wallet's contents. Wallets have so far been dropped in Orlando and Chicago.

Has anyone else found a Burger King wallet?


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