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This Friday night at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, Food Network fixture Rachael Ray will be hosting a "Burger Bash," pitting sixteen of the city's best burger-flippers against each other, as the New York Post reports. But the juiciest tidbit to come from this article? Ray plans to open her own burger joint, right in Midtown, some time next year.

Does Rachael know her burgers? Given the 46 different recipe renditions offered on her website, one might hope so. (Her reported favorite? A sirloin-pork blend with garlic, fennel, hot pepper and Worcestershire, topped with Provolone and an EVOO-heavy tapenade.) Contrary to her super-casual home chef image, she's going for "fine dining in ground form"—a place that caters to a high-class lunch crowd looking for martinis with their sliders and white tablecloths under their plates of fries. No word yet on whether they'll be in and out in under 30 minutes.

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