Serious Eats Chicago correspondent Michael Nagrant reviews three recently opened burger spots for Newcity Chicago in search of the best griddled patty: Epic Burger in the South Loop, Marc Burger in the Macy’s food court, and The Counter in Lakeview. Here are some key points of his impressions of each place, with Marc Burger being the best:

Marc Burger: "I might even say this particular burger was one of the best I’ve had in the city, though the patty was a little thin, making the ratio of beef to bun found in a Kuma’s Corner burger still supreme." Macy's, 7th Floor, 111 N State Street, Chicago IL 60602 (map); (312)781-4884

Epic Burger: "What held Epic back was the dense, extremely fine grind and thinness of the patty. While it was seasoned well and juicy, it was also grilled to well-done, with nary a shade of pinkness." 517 S State Street, Chicago, IL 60605 (map); 312-913-1373;

The Counter: "The burger was thick and cooked with a nice amount of pinkness, but lacked juiciness or seasoning." 666 W Diversey Parkway, Chicago IL 60614 (map); 773-935-1995;


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