If you don't have a costume idea for Halloween by now, you're probably staying home tonight. But if you're feeling crafty, here are some burger-related costume ideas you might be able to whip up or keep in mind for next year. (You could also take the easy way out and buy a complete costume.)

Burger King Mascot



Okay, you can't actually make the mask—hopefully your local Halloween supply store sells it—but if you're a particularly hirsute man with brown hair you can probably make a crown, put on some white leggings and a brown robe, and get away with it. For more guidance, check out Costumzee.

Burger King Family (Mascot, French Fries, Ketchup, and Salt)



If your whole family loves Burger King, follow these directions from Family.comfor how to make matching Burger King costumes. While the french fries costume doesn't look too hard, the easiest ones are the kids ketchup and salt packet costumes; just decorate pillow cases with the appropriate words and imagery. (Hell, don't even decorate them and voilà: Your kids are pillows for Halloween. The downside is that you may look like you didn't put any care or thought into your kids' costumes.) Complete the Burger King package by using Burger King bags for trick-or-treating!

Family Education has this tutorial for making a McDonald's french fries costume.

Cheeseburger (For Kids)

EHow brings you this cheeseburger costume tutorial for kids. There's no photo but assuming you know what a cheeseburger looks like, you should be able to figure it out how to combine cardboard and felt into something that resembles a cheeseburger. The least crafty part of the costume is the dark brown sweat suit that acts as the patty. All kids have dark brown sweat suits, right? Although this tutorial is written for kids, you could adapt it for adults.

Cheeseburger (For Adults)



This cheeseburger costume tutorial from HGTV is pretty much like the kid's cheeseburger costume but made with huge pieces of foam instead of cardboard and felt.

Crocheted Cheeseburger Dress


Hamburger Dress by Joy Kampia O'Shell

You definitely won't get this done by tonight, but if you're a chrocheting genius, you could probably figure out how to make this crocheted cheeseburger dress by artist Joy Kampia O'Shell. All you need is lots and lots of yarn.


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