Managing the Line at Shake Shack UWS


The New York Times takes a look at the soon-to-open Upper West Side location of the Shake Shack. What's interesting here is that the writer, Caroline Dworin, looks at how Shack owner Danny Meyer and company will handle the line, assuming that it's going to be as crazy as the line at the original Madison Square Park branch.

“What we’ve done here is triple the amount of griddle space; so from a matter of physics alone, this line will have to move faster,” said Mr. Meyer.

Meyer also talked about how they've worked on the interior to allow the line to snake in on itself inside the joint.

I don't know if the line is really going to be an issue the way it is in Madison Square Park. Sure, when the place first opens, it will likely draw crowds of curious folks (I'll be among them). But after the initial hype dies down, I think the line will, too. Not to discount the awesome burgers at the Shack, but I think a big reason the line is as long as it is in Madison Square Park is that it's in the park. It's a pleasant experience to get out of the office, go grab lunch, and eat outdoors on a nice day. You can't replicate that on the UWS.

Of course, people do wait in crazy lines in other less-than-picturesque settings, like Artichoke in the East Village and Di Fara in Midwood, so maybe the burgers themselves will be enough to draw the teeming masses.

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