Last weekend at the United Nations, Joe DiStefano (a Serious Eats New York contributor) ate a Malaysian burger (also known as a Ramly burger) at the Ramadan Bazaar held by the Ladies' Association of the Permanent Mission of Malaysia in New York. Although all types of traditional dishes were available, the most exciting food was the burger cooked with lots of margarine and topped with cheese, tomatoes, onions, mustard, mayonnaise, chili sauce, and a fried egg:

When I approached the cheerful group of kids working the Burger Shack stall my heart skipped a beat as I saw copious amounts of margarine being spread on to whole-wheat buns that were being griddled alongside beef patties and eggs in ring molds. ... The thin patty was grilled perfectly with an outside coated with crispy bits encasing the juicy innards. It was one of the sloppiest and best burgers I've ever eaten.

Here's the story on Slashfood. If someone could set up a Malaysian burger joint in New York City, I'd be very happy.

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