From an event at Hamburger Mary's Denver

This announcement about Hamburger Mary's opening a new location in Tampa, Florida, made us think, "What the heck is Hamburger Mary's?"

Started in 1972 in San Francisco, the family-friendly restaurant and bar currently has seven locations across the country and stands out as being "the ONLY national franchise actively marketing to the gay community." Activities and events held at the restaurant that you probably won't find at your local burger joint include "Maryaoke," bingo, and drag shows.

The menu offers salads, sandwiches, and desserts in addition to their nine kinds of burgers, but the burgers may be the only thing worth getting, according to this review of the Denver location The burgers are actually "really, really good," says the reviewer Jason Sheehan.

Has anyone been to Hamburger Mary's to try the burgers? Or live through the Maryaoke?


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