20080806-dfd.jpgWe just received a copy of The Devil's Food Dictionary here in the AHT-Serious Eats office, and one of the first entries I turned to was, of course, hamburger. Here's what's what:

Ranked a close second among the world's most popular Foods after Crisp, Salty Fried Things in a Bag, the hamburger consists of a cooked ground-beef patty between two halves of a Bun, dressed with various Condiements and Garnishes. For a surprising number of Americans, it also serves as a lifestyle.

The Devil's Food Dictionary in book form grew out of writer and musician Barry Foy's website of the same name, which sports the tagline "A pioneering culinary reference work consisting entirely of lies." The book is full of dry witty gems like this one. Hit up the site's archives for an idea of what you'll get.

The Devil's Food Dictionary will be out on September 2, 2008; $17.95; 268 pages.


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