From left: Lever House, Sheridan Square. Grub Street

Grub Street editor Josh "Mister Cutlets" Ozersky pits two new New York fancy-pants burgers head to head to see which is better—Lever House (390 Park Avenue, New York NY 10022; map) or Sheridan Square (138 Seventh Avenue South, New York NY 10014; map). Having only read about them, I can say my own stomach leans toward Ozerksy's conclusion:

Verdict: Lever House's is more composed and masterful, a burger for the ages. But for a visceral, messy, primordially gratifying burger experience, the Juicy Lucy delivers the goods. New York is big enough for both of these, the Carnegie Hall and the Bowery Ballroom of burgers.

The Juicy Lucy at Sheridan Square being a cheese-stuffed burger, of course.

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