Marvo's burger, and Jack in the Box's press release version. Practically separated at birth!

Easily enticed by new menu items, Marvo of product review blog The Impulsive Buy tries Jack in the Box's Nacho Cheese Burger. While I was disappointed to find out that it isn't a cheeseburger topped with tortilla chips, but a cheeseburger topped with sliced jalapenos, it's still slightly more interesting than a plain fast food cheeseburger. Marvo gives it the thumbs up:

The jalapenos gave the burger a nice heat, but not enough to think I might have contracted a burning sensation from a drunken starlet. The cheddar cheese sauce added nicely to the burger’s flavor and was as gooey and as radioactive in color as I would expect.

The Nacho Cheese Burger is available at Jack in the Box for $1.29. Marvo warns that it's on the small side, so you may need something else to eat with it. Just don't go for the BBQ Bacon Sirloin Burger.


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