Screen caps from Newsday video on Bobby's Burger Palace

Bobby's Burger Palace is open. Newsday has the word. It debuted yesterday at lunchtime in Smith Haven Mall in Smithtown, New York. It's the first location of what celebrity chef Bobby Flay plans to turn into a nationwide chain of upscale burger joints.

According to Newsday, he's using an 80 percent lean mixture of Angus beef for the patties. Peep the video on the Newsday site and you'll see that Flay, known for his way with the grill, is cooking his burgers on a griddle, which is fine by me--I think griddled burgers are superior to grilled. Obviously, his love of burgers prevailed here and kept him away from the flames.

In the video, you'll see that the interior has a bit of styling to it, with undulating light fixtures to match the wavy counters that patrons sit at after placing their orders.

Clockwise from top left: The cheese drawer, Big Brother Bobby is watching your cheese handling, Flay with the Crunch Burger, burgers go under a dome for part of the cooking, I'm guessing to help melt the cheese completely. Screen caps from Newsday video on BBP

It's a place-an-order, take-a-number system. After you pay, you get a plastic tent that you place at your seat, and runners bring your food out after it's been cooked to order. Chowhounders are reporting that burgers are cooked to medium only.

There are ten burgers on the menu, and the one that's caught my eye is the Crunch Burger, "a classic American cheeseburger topped with potato chips," according to Newsday. So obvious an addition that you never would have thought of it--at least I wouldn't have. Sounds downright brilliant.

According to the Globe Street article we linked to late last year, Flay plans on opening ten BBPs a year.

Bobby's Burger Palace

355 Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove NY 11755 (map)


Meet & Eat: Bobby Flay


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