A Revisit to Stand: Burger Backslider No More


The "Classic," with onion, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickle, homemade ketchup, Dijon mustard.

I've been wrong before. (Many times before.)

But I'm big enough (no, not from the cheeseburgers) to admit it.

Stand, which I complained about a while ago as having a bun that utterly undermined the burger, has redeemed itself. It now serves its delicious patties on a bun that suits them well. It's been using this new bun for some time, but I'm just now getting around to correcting myself publicly on AHT.

Out: the baguette-texture bun that forced you to use so much jaw power that the innards eventually slid out the back.

In: A softer, brioche-type bun that yields to the bite easily and does a fine job of soaking up the beefy-tasting patty's juice.


The "Hamburger," with green peppercorn sauce.

I went on Monday night with a friend who was eager to try the "Hamburger" ($10) described on the menu as "beef, lettuce, green peppercorn sauce," as he has read somewhere online that it was recommended by the chef there. Neither of us liked that sauce. If you like mainlining pepper, go for it. If not, it will completely obscure the flavor of the burger.

I went for the "Classic" ($9) described as having "onion, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickle, homemade ketchup, Dijon mustard." I added cheddar (American wasn't an option) for $1 more. Great burger it is, on a proper bun.

The "Mini Burger": Not a slider. Ultimately skippable.

We also split a "Mini Burger" ($4) just for the hell of it. It's ultimately skippable, as it's not a slider, with a delicious slurry of onion and pickle, but truly is a mini burger. My take on this nonsense: Just get a full-size burger and be done with it.

Onion rings ($4) and fries (small, $3) were great, as they have been since the place opened. The rings here are some of my favorites in the city.

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