In Videos: 12-Year Old's Award-Winning Burger: Au Brie Burger a la Francais


The Today show featured 12-year old Joey Yarwick and his gourmet burger, the Au Brie Burger a la Francais, which won the grand prize for Red Robin's The Next Gourmet Burger Kids' Recipe Contest. Cubes of Brie are sandwiched between two sirloin patties, then topped with a generous dollop of potatoes au gratin, all on a croissant. As Joey himself says: "It's a burger like no other and each bite is a trip to France." The kid outshines the burger, though: little Joey manages to disarm Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb with his, er, precocious mock-French accent (I'm not sure if "endearing" is quite the right word for it...). Maybe his cheekiness could help him land him a plum cooking reality show gig in the future. Watch the video after the jump.

12-Year Old's Award-Winning Burger on the 'Today' Show

[via Jezebel]


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