You need some burger recipes for summer grilling season? We've dug up some of our favorite burger recipes—from the classic burger to a Tex-Mex version to one that features blue cheese as its signature flavor. Whatever your taste, one of these four burgs should do you right. Happy grilling, meatheads!

  • The Classic Burger: Little more than a combination of chuck and sirloin seasoned generously with salt and pepper. Maybe topped with cheese, if you're going crazy
  • The Nobby Burger: A recipe for one of my favorite burgers in Portland, Oregon—the one from the Nob Hill Bar & Grill
  • The Tex-Mex Burger: For you folks who didn't get enough of Cinco de Mayo
  • The Blue Cheese Burger (with Grilled Onions): The whole blue cheese and savory beef combo (with onions) has really captured my attention lately. Let it grab yours, too

Here's to a great holiday. Chars!


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