OK, burgermeisters. We need your help. One of our burger brethren is looking for a good teriyaki burger recipe. As our friend Chisai asks in Serious Eats's Talk section:

I was deeply in love with the teriyaki burgers at Trader Vic's in the International Market Place in Honolulu. Best burger in the world. Anyhow, god knows, I've tried to replicate it, but with the most dismal results. They have a cookbook available online, but there's no TOC for me to check if it's on it, and since it's more of a kitschy party book, I'm kinda doubting it's there or I'd just buy it. So, does anyone make an awesome teriyaki burger?

After having had a couple dismal teriyaki burger specimens in my life, I'd all but written off the form. But if a good one can inspire such devotion from Chisai, maybe some reevaluation is in order. So, anyone? Recipe?


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