Westchester County Location Also in the Works

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Subject: Counter Burger Coming to West Hartford CT

Just talked to the northeast franchisee, and he said, permits standing, it will open in Blue Back Square in West Hartford, Connecticut, at the end of May. It is the first East Coast operation to be open. Just thought you might be interested.

—Neil R.

20080206-counter.pngDear Neil,
Thanks for the intel. I'm definitely interested. Our West Coast editor emeritus had plenty of great things to say about The Counter when he reported on it back in the day.

I also know that this burger was one of Oprah's top picks when she did her "best burger" show. In fact, it's largely due to the appearance on Oprah that The Counter has been able to expand so rapidly. (Monthly sales shot up to five times after the episode aired.)

For those of you not familiar, The Counter allows you to order all manner of toppings and condiments using little fill-in-the-blank cards. It's been estimated that there are about 300,000 possible combinations.

Looks like the place has been franchising out at breakneck speed. I'll have to make a road trip to West Hartford when it opens, since that will be the closest location until the Westchester County, New York, location opens.

Thanks again for the tip, Neil!


Photograph from Touchdown_Jesus on Flickr


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