For Valentine's Day, Mike and I decided a small restaurant in the neighborhood would make for the best evening.

The Restaurant

So we ended up at White Castle, of course!

He gave me a (chicken) ring!He was waiting for me at a corner table, set with a red cloth, and adorned with a lovely, red, plastic rose. He told me that other people had been looking at him strangely, wondering if his date was ever going to show. I apologized for being late. Menus were already on the table. Yes, White Castle had printed up menus for the evening. The offerings were the standard fare, but seemed fancier in calligraphy. I decided tonight was the night... to try Chicken Rings! Additionally, we ordered some sliders and onion rings and a shake.

Mike and Mister Mario After we ordered, one of the waitresses came over and asked if we wanted an interview. An interview for what?" I asked. She didn't seem to understand what I was asking. I guess that made us even. Soon after, a man came over to our table and explained that he wanted to ask us a few questions about our evening. He introduced himself as "Mister Mario" and asked us, among other things, why we were spending the night at White Castle. Mike did most of the talking, which was good, since I was having trouble keeping a straight face. Mister Mario finished the interview and asked us to yell "pasa fuera" at the camera.

The Festive MealThe food arrived and I was a little sad that the shake only had one straw. No matter, though. Love was in the air. They had cheesy love songs playing on a tiny karaoke machine over by the drink station, and festive decorations all over. It was still White Castle, but it was still special. Everyone was taking pictures and giggling and having fun. They gave us a goody bag with chocolates, a chip clip, and a coupon for a free burger on a future visit. Yes, two might have been more appropriate, but that makes me sound greedy. Really, they didn't have to give us anything at all.

Overall, it was charming, and a blast, and I'd recommend it. Whether we're flying in the face of convention by spending Valentine's Day at a fast food place or whether they're just grabbing another piece of commercialism's pie, it was a great time. I hope yours was equally memorable.


Pasa fuera!


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