I wrote here on AHT about the origins of the Krispy Kreme donut burger. I noted that this creation—one that uses a donut as a burger bun—first seemed to gain much attention as the Luther Burger in early 2005.

But a commenter set me straight. Maybe the Luther Burger gained my attention in 2005 but it had been done as early as April 6, 2003, long before AHT started chronicling Burgerworld.

Now comes this email that argues for the existence of the donut burger as early as 2002 [emphasis added]:


In 2002, when I was working for Discover Card in Riverwoods, Illinois, I came up with the DoeBee, a cheeseburger set between two halves of a Krispy Kreme donut. Unfortunately, the company cafeteria was on some sort of a health-food kick and wouldn't pick up my creation. However, they did make up a special batch of cheeseburgers one morning so that we could test it on our interns. It was an incredible success. We also tried a breakfast version with a sausage patty and a chocolate-covered cake donut. It was interesting, but the chocolate overwhelmed the sausage. Same situation with chocolate and a cheeseburger.

The women, of course, thought the idea was disgusting. However, after market-testing it, we found that it had an incredible market in drunk college students and fat middle-aged guys.

My plan was to sell it around college campuses, particularly fraternities. However, I was unable to find anyone else to invest in this (ad)venture. So, everyone knew it as "Earl's disgusting donut burger idea." The women I knew became very tired of hearing about it.

Anyway, I figured it was just an idea whose time had yet to come. Then, last year, I went berzerk when I heard about all of the hooplah surrounding the baseball all-American burger. They had stolen my idea.

I received many phone calls from friends, laughing about how someone had actually made money off of this. Meanwhile, my female friends who thought the idea was disgusting told me that I should have opened up a stand over by Northwestern when I had the chance.

Anyway, I wanted to set the record straight.

FYI: I can provide you with affidavits from managers at Discover Card to verify what I am telling you, the truth of the DoeBee.

The slogan was, "Don't be a Do Be when you can eat a DoeBee."

—Earl Z.

Dear Earl,

The Hot Truck (by Slice)Don't worry about the affidavits; your story sounds credible. I'm sorry you didn't capitalize on this sooner, but I don't think this burger is patented. Couldn't you still open a stand near Northwestern? I'd imagine you could even operate out of a lunch truck (right) and become a late-night drunken-college-student institution. In fact, please do this! You'd be increasing the world's happiness quotient!



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