• One of my favorite burger bloggers, the Texas Burger Guy, returns from a monthslong absence on his blog with a review of Arnold Burger in Amarillo, Texas. Even if you don't live in the Lone Star State, you've gotta love TBG's site, which has great terminology for describing burgers—the "herd killer" factor, for instance, "measures the sheer size and weight of a burger," while the "ooze factor" measures a sandwich's juiciness. Arnold Burger: 1611 South Washington Street, Amarillo TX 79102; 806-372-1741
  • LAist checks out 25 Degrees at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It's been called the best burger in L.A. by some, which is saying a lot, since L.A. is a city known for its contributions to the nation's burger heritage. 25 Degrees: 7000 Hollywood Boulevard 90028; 323-785-7244
  • The Silicon Valley Burger Guide escaped my notice when it was posted back in 2006, but the people behind the site Food Notebook have been slowly adding noted burgers to their list. The latest is the Alpine Inn in Portola Valley, which rates a "decent."
  • What goes best with a burger? An ice-cold cola? A beer? Who cares what your choice is when you can place it on this stackable coaster set that forms a burger when not in use. $20.27 from drinkstuff.com
  • In the Land Down Under, McDonald's holds the NameIt Burger contest: Give the chain's latest burger its name and the lucky Aussie will win some stuff and get your mug in a commercial. The new burger's components are "homestyle beef" (whatever that is), tatsoi salad mix, steak and onion sauce, tomato, cheese, and grilled onions.
  • A newspaper in Japan notes a strange footnote in Japanese burger history from the 1970s and '80s—the Worm Burger: "Instead of a beef patty, the Worm Burger used ground worms, cut the onions a little, added wheat flour, a runny egg and blended in milk to make it go down easier.... Despite the best intentions, the Worm Burger ended up as a major flop. Marketers had been targeting women and young people, but appear to have struggled to overcome worms' image as a bizarre food." Hmm, you don't say?

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