The Nut Burger Revealed

Photograph used courtesy of George Motz. All rights reserved.

Remember that Nutburger I mentioned last week? George Motz, who told me about it, just sent a photo of the thing.

Mr. Motz is, of course, the man behind the documentary Hamburger America, but he's also writing a book on America's best burgers, complete with a slew of beautiful photos.

Previous Motz wisdom on the Nutburger was that it's "like eating sundae topping on a burger. It's coarsely ground peanuts mixed with mayo, topping a burger. It's great!" Now, Motz reveals where it's from: Matt's Place, in Butte, Montana.

Matt's Place Drive-In
Address: 2339 Placer Street, Butte MT 59701 [map]
Phone: 406-782-8049

Matt's Place was listed on the Montana state register of historic places in 2001:

Established in 1930, Matt’s Place was among the first (if not THE first) drive-in restaurants in Montana. The design of the building reflects its purpose, and is an excellent early example of a drive-in restaurant in Montana. Like its counterparts throughout the United States in the late 1920s and early 1930s, its primary focus was on quality and service – not architectural distinctiveness. Consequently, it is a relatively small, architecturally non-descript building that retains and makes maximum use of its environment to provide a service to its automobile-bound customers. It retains architectural detailing distinctive to its function, including the original drive-up windows, protective wheel guards, menu boards, and neon signing. Its interior, moreover, is intact, displaying its original 1936 horseshoe counter and chrome fixtures from 1950.

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