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In a stunning turn of events that may shake the very foundations of burgerological anthropology, A Hamburger Today has been presented with credible new evidence that the first burger to use a Krispy Kreme doughnut as a bun may have evolved almost two years earlier than previously thought.

AHT reader Timm just piped in in the Comments on our post about the Gateway Grizzlie Burger, the Krispy KremeĀ–bunned bacon cheeseburger served at the stadium of independent league baseball team the Gateway Grizzlies: "Just thought I'd throw out there that it seems the original idea for the Krispy Kreme burger can be found here and is referred to as the Fat Kreme back in 2003. Either way, that's a heart attack on a bun/doughnut!"

The Grizzlie Burger, which appeared in spring 2006, was itself a take-off of the Luther Burger, an invention of Decatur, Georgia, pub Mulligan's that dates to early 2005.

Dubbed the Fat Kreme, this early version of fusion-burger excess places the contents of a Fatburger burger onto the aforementioned sugar-glazed treat on April 6, 2003. What's more, this new evidence moves the locus of the mashup from the South to Seattle, a geographic region known more for its advances in coffee culture than for its contributions to calorie-rich deep-fried dining.

Unconfirmed reports within the blog post in question hint at an even earlier version of the KK-burger mashup, but using In-N-Out burgers instead.

Burger anthropologists in AHT's research department were puzzled as to why, like the Neanderthals, the Fat Kreme was suddenly eclipsed by a similar species. But at least one leading researcher who requested anonymity said he believed it had to do with the fact that Yukino, the blogger who invented the Fat Kreme, placed the doughnut bun facing glazed side out. The more advanced Grizzlie Burger, in contrast, has an evolutionary advantage in the fact that its toasted-doughnut bun faces glazed side inward, giving its eater a nonsticky fingerhold.


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