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Caprese Burger

20061003Caprese.jpgContinuing to plow through our inbox, we get to an email message from Cathy Erway of foodblog Not Eating Out in New York:

Dear AHT: Can anyone chime in with me that a "Caprese burger" is not a good idea? It could be, and is, a perfectly edible sandwich. But as a burger innovation, or fusion, this does not seem to be on the mark. Fresh mozzarella and a ground-beef patty are not complementary and almost mirror one another's texture in the worst way. —Cathy

Bargh! When it comes to burgers, I'm an American cheese–pickles-onion-mustard guy. Not too much into crazy toppings. Don't even really like lettuce and tomato because, too often, you get limp lettuce and crappy tasteless tomatoes. So, without having tried one, Cathy, and on first blush, I would agree. While I love a good Caprese salad (my pizza alter ego, after all, is nuts about tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella), that combo doesn't seem like something that would necessarily work well with a burger. Now a burger with a Caprese salad on the side, that might work....

Eating Out in L.A. and Oregon [Not Eating Out in New York]

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