From the mailbag ...

Dear AHT:

As a burger aficionado, I managed to find your site. However I was appalled at the restaurants given so much attention.

First and foremost, In-N-out, is a good fast-food burger for California. In Texas it tastes like a jock strap. I've eaten there in San Diego and Vegas and can definitely confirm that they produce the most grossly over-rated product of all time. I love going to Texas, Houston specifically, because of small chain they have there: Beck's Prime.

I guarantee you Beck's makes better burgers than most of the restaurants you have listed, much less the fast food nonsense like In-n-out.

I don't give a damn where you grew up, I don't have a specific hometown myself. In-n-out is a joke. I mention Beck's as a MUCH better fast food place, but when you get into sit-down the contest is over. God, I'd rather eat at Appeleby's or some crap that freaking In-N-Out.


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