We almost forgot to inform you: MAY IS NATIONAL HAMBURGER MONTH!!!

Who knows how it really started. We can't find an official proclamation or inaugural year, but the idea sure seems to have taken hold — if the Google search for the term is any indication.

Seems that somewhere along the way, White Castle, arguably the nation's first burger chain, decided to "sponsor" the monthlong "holiday." Most of the online references to the promotional stunt seem to point back to the Castle, but oddly enough, there's nothing on Whitey's site mentioning it.

Official or not, AHT will take up the slack in trumpeting the Meaty Month of May. And what better month? The popularly acknowledged start of the grilling season is Memorial Day, but we'll get you started early as we dig into our archives:

Grilled Burger Recipe
A History of the Hamburger

Update: We did a little digging and found this press release that indicates the Castle is indeed the "official sponsor" of the 2006 festivities.

White Castle Kicks Off 85th Anniversary by Celebrating National Hamburger Month [PRNewswire]


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