AHT loves our readers. They send us great e-mails and, occasionally, cool pictures and stories about burgers in places most of us have never been. Like this photo gallery from Matt Yanchyshyn and Didier Henrion in Senegal. I received these photos from them quite a while ago, and they probably thought I'd never run them, but voilà! Matt, who publishes the African-music blog Benn loxo du taccu, may even have some Parisian burger news for us at some point. —The Management

Detail of Donald Chawarma sign.

Matt says: Here are some photos of a couple of our favorite burger joints in Dakar, Senegal. My friend Didier snapped a couple photos of the storefronts today. Senegalese burgers are a special breed: They are stuffed with a fried, scrambled egg; french fries; lots and lots of mayo; a kind of sweet ketchup; fried onions; and the usual fixings. My mouth is watering just thinking of these beasts that I used to tackle a couple times a week. Chez Donald makes particularly incredible/disgusting creations. It's the last place open downtown for food and has a record-poor hygiene history to go with its super-fantastic-tasting burgers.

Didier says: Comme promis, here are a few pics of the finest "burger places" in Senegal. As Matt said, I think Donald is the finest one around, but here's a photo of the also well known "Ali Baba burger (and everything greasy)" place. And the new KFC that just opened here (shown below; I guess it stands for "Kayar Fried Chicken.")


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