20060124rubytuesday.jpgWell, they haven't directly issued a challenge, but according to this press release, Ruby Tuesday wants us to believe they have the "best burger in the restaurant category". Oh really, Ruby? Is that so? Well, I accept your challenge.

Although the closest Ruby Tuesday to NYC is in New Jersey, I feel it is my obligation to confirm or deny your assertion. I admit, I am quite skeptical, but I am willing to give you a shot. Recently, Adam and I traveled to Houston's to try their burger and were both impressed (more on that a little later). Yes, Houston's is of a higher class, but I believe a decent to good steakhouse burger can come out of a restaurant chain.

Since I won't be able to get to one all that quickly, would anyone like to chime in on the quality of a Ruby Tuesday burger? They have a ton of options, which even include some mini-burgers.


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