20060122_75x75.jpgLA.Foodblogging caught the largest In-n-Out Burger I've ever seen documented. What you see to the right is a 75x75. That's 75 burger patties with 75 slices of cheese. There doesn't seem to be an official story to accompany it, but one would hope that this sandwich was for a party. If not, I feel pity for what must be either a cartoonishly large human being or someone with a disease that prevents him from gauging the amount of food necessary to satiate his hunger. If I had to pick one, I'd opt for the first because the second might lead to an awful slapstick comedy starring Ryan Renolds.

Hopefully LA.Foodblogging will divulge the real story, at which point we'll be happy to share it with you.

Update (1/23/06 2pm): Well, it looks like a 100x100 exists! The California radio station Live 105 documents it here. Once again, no details except that a listener sent in the photo. I think someone has to get together and order a 500x500. Then I would be impressed.

Update (1/23/06 8pm): Astute AHT reader StarCreator discovered the source of the 100x100 and this disgusting yet tantalizing photo gallery. After the jump, we included some of the photos from the gallery.



These four photos by whatupwilly.blogspot.com


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