You may have noticed the little strip of photos in the left-hand column over there. Recently, we recognized the logo of MOS Burger in one of them and clicked through to the photo-sharing site Flickr, from which the feed originates.

MOS Burger is a Japanese chain that cooks up some tasty little sandwiches. Their signature burger, from what I remember when I visited the Land of the Rising Sun a couple years ago, has a special mildly spicy tomato-based MOS sauce liberally slathered on (top). It is delicious.

MOS, which stands for Mountain Ocean Sun, serves its burgers in origami-like waxed wrappers that are more akin to bags or envelopes than the square sheets of paper we're used to here in the States. By the time you're finished with the sandwich, enough of the sauce has usually found its way into the closed-end of the wrapper that it can be used as a piquant dipping sauce for the fries—a trick we learned from our friend Justin, who was living in Japan at the time. It's a tip we now pass on to you, if you happen to live there and are reading this blog, or if you plan to visit sometime.

For those looking for a MOS closer to home, sorry. Until April 2005, the chain had a presence in Hawaii. Reid, at 'Ono Kine Grindz, however, reports that the last MOS there recently closed.

Sho ga nai, yo!

MOS Burger ['Ono Kine Grindz]
More MOS Burger photos from Flickr
For an approximation of a MOS chicken-teriyaki burger in Brooklyn, visit Taro Sushi NYC.

Photograph by Tokyo Ayano


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