Mister Hamburger

20050628MisterH.jpgLook out! There's a tough-talkin' new Turk on the burger bloggin' scene, and, unfortunately, he doesn't work for A Hamburger Today. No siree: Mister Hamburger is affiliated with a blog called Two-Twenty.

Mister Hamburger, whose hat we like, began his mission early this month, and the dude is on a tear. Given the number of entries he's posted already, he must eat burgers for lunch and dinner—and breakfast. He is bombastic, hates California and its inhabitants, and pulls no punches. (Typical banter, this about In-N-Out: "Weirdo californians on too much prozac serving. Friendly and quick. Food took 20 minutes to be cooked though which was not fast. Like French fast food which isn't fast at all.")

We predict some serious East Coast–West Coast shit between him and Hamburglar Hadley.

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