We hate to keep boring you with stories about the press that AHT has gotten, but we like to put them up on the site as a record of what the media are saying about us. From today's New York Daily News:

Here's the beef: The fast-food aficionado behind the pizza site www.sliceny.com is making it a double: Editor and Brooklynite Adam Kuban has launched www.ahamburgertoday.com. Focusing on burgers found in New York and Los Angeles, the site features witty reviews, plenty of patty pictures and a roundup of related news, like this week's sneak peek of Paris Hilton's buns in an ad for a burger chain.

Thanks, Daily News! And, of course, it's not just Adam behind this "witty" burger blog. AHT wouldn't exist without our dedicated staff: Matty, Honey P., and Hamburglar Hadley.

Speaking of mentions, and this one was just an aside, we like how real-estate blog Curbed described us in this post: "A Hamburger Today ... has elevated meat porn to a whole new level."

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