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Burger reviews in the Seattle area.


Li'l Woody's Brings a Big Bite in Seattle

AHT: Seattle Charles Lam 12 comments

One of several new Capitol Hill burger newcomers, Li'l Woody's caters to the neighborhood's rapidly transitioning—and increasingly hip—residents. Good news is, Li'l Woody's is pretty good at catering to everyone else as well. More

Seattle: Lunchbox Laboratory's 'Burger of the Gods'

AHT: Seattle Denise Sakaki 14 comments

There are burger purists who want nothing to come between the beef and bun, and those who don't mind piling on the toppings to push the hamburger envelope. Lunchbox Laboratory falls in the latter category, experimenting with flavor combinations and encouraging diners to do the same. More

Seattle: At Lola, A Lamb Burger That Doesn't Miss a Bleat

AHT: Seattle Chris Hansen 7 comments

Lola's lamb burger arrives beautifully juicy with welcome background notes of char and the right amount of salt. It's a wallop of lamb-y richness—a boon for people that love the funkiness of the animal. More

Bellevue, WA: The Pumphouse Serves its Chili Burger with Flavorful History

AHT: Seattle Denise Sakaki 10 comments

Don't ignore this little dive bar and their chili burger made with a signature 30-year-old recipe. More

Woodinville, WA: Lamb Burgers Light Up Your Life at Fireside Cellars

AHT: Seattle Denise Sakaki 7 comments

Chef B's Lamb Burger from the Fireside Cellar at Willows Lodge will convert you to a lamb burger fan, especially during their "Happier Hour" weekday specials. More

Bellevue, WA: Wibbley's Burgers, Satisfying Pub Grub For Your Lunch Hour

AHT: Seattle Denise Sakaki 5 comments

This English pub-style restaurant is a local favorite and a burger haven for those wanting a good, affordable quarter-pound burger. More

Seattle: The Spice is Right at Icon Grill

AHT: Seattle Denise Sakaki 3 comments

Icon Grill's Special Grind Burger steps away from burger tradition with a spice blend that takes cues from masala and uses chiles from the Southwest. More

Seattle: Spring Hill's Outrageously Good Burger Costs a Pretty Penny

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 22 comments

It's been quite a while since I've had one of those eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head "Oh my God" burger moments (December, to be exact), and not once has it occurred in Seattle...until now. More

Seattle: The Smoky, Funky, Bacon Jam-Slathered Burger at Skillet

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 6 comments

Skillet, a vintage Airstream trailer-cum-mobile grill, serves a very fine grass-fed cheeseburger made even more delectable with a generous helping of their sweet, smoky, salty bacon jam. You heard right: bacon jam. And yes, it's as good as it sounds. More

Seattle: BuiltBurger Is Not for Purists

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 9 comments

BuiltBurger is not for the Josh Ozerskys of the world. Owner David Makuen clearly believes that straight-up ground beef is best served as an empty canvas upon which myriad ingredients—especially other meats—can be melded like colors on a palette to form something that's by turns art or sacrilege, depending on who you talk to. More

Seattle: The Greasy, Cosmetically Dubious Fare at Burgermaster Is Good Enough

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 28 comments

In the battle for Seattle's fast-food burger supremacy, Dick's and Red Mill are the main contenders, at least in terms of popularity. A distant third, with just a smidge better burger if you ask me, is the epically named Burgermaster. And while their burger can hardly be called great, there's something about it that lifts it above the mire. Barely. More

Seattle: The Sustainable and Spicy Burger at Local 360

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 12 comments

As the locavore movement strides ever further into the mainstream, we're going to be seeing more and more establishments like Local 360. Their ultimate goal: finding up to 90 percent of their raw ingredients within 360 miles of Seattle. A respectable ambition, but all for naught if the food isn't any good. Thankfully that's far from the case here. More

Seattle, WA: Shun the Wagyu and Embrace the Grain-Fed at Uneeda Burger

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 15 comments

Too often when you visit a burger joint you see frozen preformed patties slapped onto a grill or griddle and then shoved into a bun along with the saddest, most wilted vegetables ever pulled from a walk-in. You can't make something great out of that, ever. You might end up with something halfway pleasant and even satisfying, but it won't be great. The recently opened Uneeda Burger understands that, even if the result is not always a total success. More

Seattle: Grass-Fed Burger at Spur Gastropub

AHT: Seattle J. Kenji López-Alt 16 comments

The burger> ($15) at Spur seems like a fancy-pantastrophe on paper: grass-fed beef, homemade A-1 style sauce, onions cooked down in red wine, a slab of pork belly, and a slice of de-constructed/re-constructed meltable aged cheddar cheese. But when you get it, it all works. More

Seattle: Red Mill Burgers Makes 'em Big 'n' Sloppy 'n' Ordinary

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 26 comments

After giving local institution Dick's Drive-In a thorough examination, it only makes sense to now turn the proverbial microscope on its closest competitor for Seattle's burger-hungry proletarians, Red Mill Burgers. As it turns out, while they make very different burgers, a common thread runs through both chains. More

Seattle: Low Expectations, Extreme Value at Dick's Drive-In

AHT: Seattle Adam Lindsley 51 comments

In the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is the king of local burger chains. The two titans in this Emerald City battle for fast food-style supremacy are Red Mill Burgers and Dick's Drive-In. Seattleites are notoriously opinionated about which side of the Dick's/Red Mill line you should fall, but we'll be reviewing both here on AHT, starting with Dick's. More

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