AHT: Portland

Burger reviews in the Portland area.


Gresham, OR: Longburgers at Dea's In & Out

There are few ways to get me to review a burger joint in my fair city faster than when someone makes a "best-of" list and includes a place I haven't tried, as was the case when The Oregonian released its list of the top 10 classic burgers in the Portland area. And while Dea's In & Out can't hold a candle to that other In-N-Out, it's that rare 50-year-old institution that still holds up somewhat. More

Portland, OR: Marginal Thumbs-Up for Lardo's Double Burger, Big Thumbs-Up for the Fries

One of Portland's best food carts, Lardo puts out some of the tastiest (and, it should be noted, saltiest) sandwiches in the city. Having sampled a number of these over the past few months, I had to know if owner Rick Gencarelli's Double Burger, at a mere eight bucks, could qualify as one of Portland's best burger deals. The answer depends on how high your standards have been set. More

Portland, OR: Get Some Burger with Your Cheese at Veritable Quandary

Veritable Quandary is best known for two things: mega-popular weekend brunches, and crowded weekday power lunches for downtown Portland's movers and shakers. The menu leans heavily toward the upscale: pumpkin mascarpone agnolotti, rabbit pate with roasted brioche, duck confit spring rolls. Probably not the first place you'd think to find a really good burger, but with the kitchen helmed by current chef Annie Cuggino, that's exactly what you'll find here. More

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