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Burger reviews in the Milwaukee area.


Big Brew Pub Burgers at Sprecher's Restaurant and Pub in Milwaukee

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 6 comments

On Tuesday nights, Sprecher's offers a burger deal were you can get a burger and any of their beers or sodas for just $8. There's an extra $2 charge for some of the more massive burgs, but that's hardly a sticking point when it comes to these big, bold beauties. More

Double Burger Means Double Dry at Karma in Milwaukee

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 7 comments

The burgers at Karma would be solid if they weren't overcooked. More

Double-decker Big Boy Burgers at Kil@wat in Downtown Milwaukee

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 5 comments

Located on the second floor of a hotel, this serene restaurant offers a couple great, classic burgers, but only at lunchtime. More

Coming to Harley's 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee? Don't Skip a Burger at Motor

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 2 comments

Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary party is this weekend. If you're in town for the party, a burger and some onion rings at the HD museum's main restaurant, Motor, is a good bet. More

Crispy Quesadilla Burger at Brisco County Wood Grill in Menomonee Falls, WI

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 8 comments

This Western-themed, jack-of-all-trades restaurant serves up super juicy burgers with lots of seasoning. More

Milwaukee: Drive-Ins Big Star and The Spot Dominate Kenosha Burger Scene

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 4 comments

Popular Kenosha drive-ins The Spot and Big Star have similar burgers, but The Spot wins with better seared patties and better cheese. More

Milwaukee: Burgers on the Riverwalk at John Hawk's Pub

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 3 comments

If you're in the mood for an old fashioned, flame-broiled burger and a view of the Milwaukee River, John Hawk's Pub might be for you. More

Milwaukee: Have a Burger in the Sun on Cafe Benelux's Rooftop Patio

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 4 comments

Head to this Belgian-themed restaurant to enjoy full-flavored burgers on a huge rooftop patio. More

Milwaukee: Diner Burgers Shine at North Avenue Grill

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 7 comments

North Avenue Grill may not be the most famous diner around, but it should be. It's tiny, quaint, and the food is excellent on top of being extremely reasonably priced. More

Chain Reaction: Famous Dave's

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 19 comments

Next time I go to Famous Dave's I'll stick to barbecue and tried-and-true sides. Unless you really can't decide between a burger or barbecue, I suggest doing the same. More

Milwaukee: School Yard Bar and Grill Has a Great Foundation for Interesting Burgers

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 3 comments

This brand new bar in a nightlife hotspot focuses their menu on burgers with unusual toppings and bold flavors. More

Milwaukee: Stubby's Pub and Grub Aims High But Falls Short

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 3 comments

Stubby's big pub burgers try to be fancy-pants but come up a bit short, especially for the price. More

Milwaukee: Burke's Irish Castle Leaves Me Wondering, 'Where's the Beef?'

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 3 comments

This Irish bar tops their bland burgers with other meats for flavor, but the burgers just turn into a big mess. More

Milwaukee: Burganator! Stands Tall at Stonefly Brewery

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 1 comment

Stonefly Brewery may be best known for their weekend brunch, bur don't miss their big, messy burgers and inventive bar food. More

Milwaukee: Beautiful But Bland Burgers at Steny's Tavern and Grill

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 7 comments

The burgers at this sports bar are nice to look at, but they taste pretty bland. Stick with wings and appetizers. More

Milwaukee: Old Fashioned Burgers at Local Watering Hole Benno's

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski Post a comment

Benno's burgers are exactly what your grandma would have cooked up for you as a kid, in all the best ways possible. Make sure to go on Wednesdays for $5 Burger Night. More

Milwaukee: Mason Street Grill's Sunday Night Burgers Are Some of the Best Around

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 2 comments

During Mason Street Grill's Sunday-only burger nights, you can choose from four of the best and least talked about burgers in the city. More

Milwaukee: Juicy Burgers and Bold Bloodies at the Wicked Hop

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 6 comments

In reading many of the Wicked Hop's reviews on Yelp, a theme appeared: The Bloody Marys are great, but the food and service, bluntly, suck. So are they really just riding the wave of their one signature drink and hip location? Not so, I found. In fact, my experience was practically opposite of the predominant opinions on Yelp. I didn't like the bloody, and both the burgers and service were pretty good. More

Chain Reaction: The Capital Grille

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 14 comments

The Capital Grille has a pretty good steakhouse rep here in Milwaukee and, from what I can tell, at their other locations as well. Too bad their signature cheeseburger made of ground sirloin, bacon, and sweet onion fell flat on its face. More

Milwaukee: German Sausages Meet Burgs (and the President!) at Milwaukee Brat House

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 13 comments

When some of your group wants burgers, and some want brats (and everyone wants Schlitz!), get everyone what they want at the Milwaukee Brat House. More

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