AHT: Chicago

Burger reviews in the Chicago area.


Chicago, IL: Choppers, Home of the Choppak

After I moved into Wicker Park about eight years ago, I would drive by Choppers and see its sign, proudly stating that it was "Home of the Choppak." Every time I passed it, I wondered what the hell a Choppak was. My imagination ran wild. I had visions, imagining that a Choppak was a thing, an amazing food invention involving unicorn meat, rainbow sauce, french fries (everyone loves french fries!), and flakes of pure gold. A few years later, when I finally visited for lunch, I was sorely disappointed to find out that a Choppak is really just a combo meal consisting of a double char burger, steak fries, and homemade coleslaw. Oh well. Can't win them all. More

Chicago, IL: Kiss Your What, Poag Mahone's?

Back in 2006, GQ's food critic Alan Richman unveiled a list of The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die. Poag Mahone's is seated at #18 on the list, which isn't too shabby for a place who's name loosely translates into "kiss my ass" in Gaelic. And now, I finally have a reason to say "kiss my ass" in a review without getting in trouble. Dreams do come true! Wait, was 2006 really six years ago? Damn, I'm really late with this review. More

Chicago: Gussied Up Burgers at The Peasantry

The reinvention of street food by chefs with a fine dining background continues at The Peasantry, the new restaurant from the team behind Franks 'n Dawgs. The entire menu consists of low-brow classics, from chicken wings to pigs in a blanket to, naturally, burgers. While the lamb burger didn't knock my socks off, the intensely flavorful beef and bone marrow burger is unquestionably a winner. More

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