Poll: How Long Are You Willing To Drive For an Awesome Burger?

The "worth the drive to the suburbs" cheeseburger from Gino's Burgers and Chicken in Philadelphia; (AHT review) [Photograph: Hawk Krall and Tim Gough]

It's worth going out of your way for an awesome burger, but how long are you willing to drive in pursuit of burger excellence? Is twenty minutes your max? What about over two hours? Let us know in this week's poll.

Note: I'm using increments of time instead of distance, since different driving conditions (i.e.: major urban centers v.s. sprawling suburbs, not to mention weather conditions) make time spent to distance travelled relative to each specific scenario.

How Long Are You Willing To Drive For an Awesome Burger?

Results from last week's poll

Blue Cheese, Beer & Bacon "Ham"burger from The Eatery

Ham topped cheeseburger from The Eatery (at the 2013 Sacramento Burger Battle) [Photograph: Erin Jackson]

Over half of the responses for last week's poll about using a second type of meat as a burger topping were against the idea (58 percent), while 42 percent were open to it. Here is what a few of you had to say in the comments:

Only bacon is acceptable, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle. And if it's really good beef (dry-aged) then only onion.


Nope. I want to taste the beef-the caramelization on the outside of the patty, the juiciness inside, a little salt and pepper to enhance the flavor, and that's it.


A pastrami burger done right is a mouthful of heaven.


Note: the poll remains open, so these numbers may shift slightly in the future.

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