A Hamburger Tuesday: Ramen Burgers, Sliders, Double Smashed Cheeseburgers, and More

A Hamburger Tuesday

A weekly slideshow of homemade burgers submitted by AHT'ers and a forum for sharing techniques, recipes, and ideas.

Exciting news: this week's installment of A Hamburger Tuesday features a first attempt at a Ramen burger! There's also a beauty of a double smashed cheeseburger loaded with charred onions, a home-ground beef/bacon burger, and more. Take a look at all of the submissions in the slideshow »

Want to share your homemade burgers on with other AHT'ers? All we need from you is a photo of the burger, a brief description of how you made it, and your name. Head over here for complete submission details »

Short on inspiration? Try recreating a burger you've seen in the reviews, check out our 2013 Serious Eats Guide to Grilling Burgers, browse our burger recipes, or get cooking tips from The Burger Lab. We're taking submissions for next week's A Hamburger Tuesday until the end of the week.

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