Daniel Zemans's Epic Burger Day 5 in Los Angeles


[Photographs: Daniel Zemans]

Daniel Zemans may have stepped down from being a regular AHT reviewer a few months ago, but you can still read his burger thoughts on his personal blog, Zemanation. His latest post is a recap of his fifth Burger Day, which took place on May 5. Instead of sticking to Chicago like previous days, he met up with five of his burger-loving friends in Los Angeles and, with their powers combined, hit up seven restaurants in one day. Dayum. Here's the burger list:

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  1. Hawkins House of Burgers [AHT review] 11603 Slater Street, Los Angeles, CA 90059
  2. Lazy Ox Canteen [AHT review] 241 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  3. Comme Ça [AHT review] 8479 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood CA 90069
  4. In-N-Out [AHT review] 7009 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  5. The Oinkster [AHT review] 2005 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock CA 90041
  6. Pie N Burger [AHT review] 913 East California Boulevard, Pasadena CA 91106
  7. Street [AHT review] 742 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

All the burgers were good, but Comme Ça sounded like the winner of the day.

Where should Daniel go next time he's in Los Angeles?

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