Burger King in Japan Releasing Black 'Kuro' Burger for 5th Anniversary


[Photographs: burgerkingjapan.co.jp]

We've seen black-bunned burgers in France and more recently in China. Finally, Japan gets in on the black burger trend with Burger King Japan's Kuro Burger (literally "Black Burger"), coming out this Friday, September 28, for a limited time to celebrate Burger King's five-year anniversary in Japan.


The burger features a paprika-flavored beef patty (113 grams/4 ounces) on a bun blackened by bamboo charcoal, topped with black ketchup made with squid ink and garlic, along with the standard toppings of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mayo. The burger will be sold for ¥450 (about $5.75) by itself, or ¥790 (about $10.10) with a side and drink.

Burger King is also celebrating the 5th anniversary of Coke Zero (a black drink!...yeah) by giving you a free refill when you order a Coke Zero in a set meal with a Kuro Burger. If you know Japanese, you can read more about it in this Japanese press release [PDF].

[via RocketNews24]

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