A Blog of Burger Recipes for Every Country in the World


Learn about different cuisines around the world through the power of burger by reading Burgers Here and There, a blog documenting original burger recipes representing every country in the world—192 countries, as recognized by the United Nations. Burger blogger Linda Monach listed her guidelines for the project: recipes aren't necessary "authentic," but are inspired by the country's popular foods; ingredients are from local grocery stores, not ethnic or gourmet markets; and a burger is defined as a ground/shredded meat patty on top of a starchy base. Over the past three months she's gotten through the A's, from Afghanistan (Sweet and Spicy Lamb Burger with Cilantro Marinated Cucumbers) to Azebaijan (Burger on Tandir with Aromatic Herbs and Apricot-Saffron Yogurt Sauce). Monach's posts give an overview of each country's cuisine, showing how she made up her recipes. [via Metafilter]