Los Angeles Gourmet Burger Battle from Exile Kiss

AHT: Los Angeles

Burger reviews in the Los Angeles area.


Burger from Rustic Canyon. [Photograph: Damon Gambuto]

Food blog Exile Kiss went all out in their 10-location Gourmet Burger Battle in Los Angeles. You should check out the whole epic post for details, but to make life easier here's a list of the final rankings:

1 (tie). The Golden State [AHT review]
1 (tie). Rustic Canyon [AHT review]
1 (tie). Father's Office [AHT review]
4. Morton's The Steakhouse
5. Anisette Brasserie
6. 26 Beach
7. Umami Burger [AHT review]
8. 8 oz. Burger Bar [AHT review]
9. Lucky Devils
10. 25 Degrees [AHT review]

What do you Los Angeles burger lovers think of the list? [via LA Weekly]

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